Food Truck Weddings…. Start Your Engines!

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There is an emerging change in the way couples are celebrating their weddings. As glorious as they are, we are no longer locked into the classic reception center that churns out a million weddings and witnesses far too many tragic dance moves. Hip couples are now asking for more creative ways to celebrate their love, ways that really reflects the way they like to party!

From the trendy urban warehouse to the relaxed country barn, a suburban bowls club, or perhaps a boho tipi wedding on a friend’s property, alternatives venues are becoming more en trend. Many of these locations are perfect venues to have your favourite food truck serve up tasty treats to your family and friends.

Just because you want your wedding day to be relaxed and unique, it doesn’t mean that you have to skim on comfort, style or food. Should you decide to take the challenge and host your food truck wedding somewhere a little alternative, here are a few points to consider;


1.  Food

It’s all about the food! (when it’s not about the two of you of course!) Sharing meals with your nearest & dearest is an expression of intimacy and none more so than the food you share on your wedding day. There is no better way to supply good food to chic venues than with your favourite food truck. Melbourne’s food truck scene is filled to the brim with suppliers of tasty food. Our suggestion would be to get out there and taste what those trucks can serve up! Make sure the food is inline with what you are after. It’s a tough challenge, but there’s no doubt you can do it!


2.  Venue

When considering a venue it’s always an idea to think about whether it reflects your lifestyle. Think about the places you love to go with family & friends and consider whether the venue gives you a similar vibe. Remember you will add your own personal touches to the venue to create the mood you are after, so a good imagination is vital.


3.  Bar

The drink selection helps to set the tone of your wedding. A swanky drink selection with a feature cocktail in the mix indicates an elegant night ahead, or perhaps a more relaxed feel is in order with a range of craft beers on tap. Whatever the case a mobile bar operator would be handy in providing staff to serve up the goods


4.  Style

Decide on the look and feel of your wedding and have a dedicated person realise this for you. Perhaps you may want to personalize the styling by making some items yourself, however another set of hands will make all the difference to your ability to relax and enjoy the day


5.  Staff

It’s always a good idea to consider other people to roll out the day for you. Waiting staff and an onsite manager allows you, your friends and family to truly relax and enjoy the day. Having someone on site to run the ins and outs means that your closest friends (and granny) will be right by your side, busting moves on the dance floor!


6.  Relax

The most important thing to remember is that everyone is at the party for you. They are there to celebrate your union and enjoy themselves. One thing is for sure the more relaxed your vibe the more fun everyone will have.


7.  Dare to be different