The Timber Yard

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The Timber Yard is built on the philosophy of recycling, up cycling and bringing people together for amazing events. Located on 6,000 sqm, comprised of indoor and outdoor space, in the Port Melbourne industrial precinct, The Timber Yard is a … Continued

Cabin Fever

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Cabin fever is a fully equipped mobile event caravan designed to service any number of different needs. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work, many late nights, early starts, incredible dinners and passionate conversations over some ripping bottles … Continued

Kitty Kulman

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Looking to add some fun and sparkle to your ceremony?  Set the scene with a fun and memorable ceremony before you crack on and drink and party with all of your favourites. Kitty has been in the game for a … Continued

Jessie Belle

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Jessie is a vibrant, outgoing and friendly celebrant who has been involved in the world of performing for over 30 years as a singer, dancer, actor, improviser and director. She has spent the past 10 years entertaining seriously ill and hospitalised children and … Continued

Paul Bonadio

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As a young Celebrant I stand for fun, laid-back ceremonies with lots of chuckles and a healthy dose of sentimentality. It’s my full-time job. It’s what I do.  I want your best friends to cry with joy. I want your … Continued

Just Like Nonna’s

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The concept of Just like Nonna’s food truck began at the dinner table, surrounded by family. The idea of bringing the food that we know and love to the streets was brought up, and ever since, that’s what we’ve set … Continued

Modern Productions

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Matt and Alexis have been working closely as a team at Morden Productions for over 6 years providing high quality films and photographs for a variety of events. They love the work that they do and the experiences they have … Continued